Remembering Kim Ricketts, Founder of Kim Ricketts Book Events

Kim Ricketts (center) with author Michael Lewis

On Monday evening I heard the very sad news that Kim Ricketts, founder of the ever-popular Kim Ricketts Book Events, had passed away. Kim had been battling AL Amyloidosis as well as a rare bone cancer since the fall.

But what I want to tell you about is her life. I didn't know Kim well, but you couldn't work in the food, restaurant or book industry in Seattle and not know of her legendary uplifting spirit, her way of opening herself and her home to seemingly anyone and everyone who wanted or needed her. It was like moths to a flame. Everyone who'd been lucky enough to be embraced into her world loved her, and fiercely. Her events were fun, they showed her spunk and creative spirit. Stodgy readings they were not.

I suppose it couldn't hurt to tell my own short Kim Ricketts story. One day about a year ago I opened up my email to see an email from Kim. At the suggestion of her daughter and my friend, Whitney, Kim had decided that I was worthy of being included in a new club of sorts. I am breaking the first rule here telling you about this club: in the email she clearly says, "the rules of this Committee: You Are Not On it. No Such Committee." 

So I won't tell you too much more about the committee, because obviously it didn't even really exist! No such committee! But I will divulge that one of our main goals--the challenge, if we were so bold as to except it--was this:

"To imagine, to the best of our Make it Happen Ability: to give these great people the Fucking Time of Their Lives for the day or two they are here." 

Isn't that just so Kim?

She will be remembered for dreaming big and pulling out the best in everyone around her. And she will be greatly missed.

A celebration of Kim's life is planned for Wednesday, May 4 at 3pm.
St. Mark's Cathedral, 1245 10th Avenue East, Seattle

All are welcome.

In the meantime, be inspired by Kim's favorite poem, published on the website her three children created for her this month.