Thursday, 01/02/2014 5:53 PM
The shopping is plentiful in Bellevue. Our neighbor to the east has become a primo destination for internationally known designer label boutiques and super high-end stores, many of them in the two major malls that anchor the town. La Ree, one of our favorite shops on either side of the lake, is an independent exception to the mass market norm.
Wednesday, 01/01/2014 6:10 PM
During a recent dinner at Dot's Delicatessen (yes, they serve dinner, and yes, you should go; the food is very good), our server dropped the news that Dot's would be renovating to make dinner seating more comfortable.  When I followed up with Dot's owner, Miles James, he told me that the renovation will be a little more involved. In fact, Dot's Delicatessen will close and reopen, becoming Dot’s Charcuterie and Bistrot.
Tuesday, 12/31/2013 5:54 PM
Over the course of a year, Seattle mag editors write countless headlines for stories—hundreds of which are jettisoned for something better during the editing process. But then there are the headlines that we write for imagined stories that haven’t been assigned or written (and perhaps shouldn't be, ever). These usually surface at random during punchy brainstorming meetings. Brangien Davis is still waiting for the chance to use “There Will Be Cud,” on just the right sort of cow story. Lisa Wogan’s “Fecal Weapon” will never see big type in this, or probably any, magazine.
Monday, 12/30/2013 10:29 PM
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Thursday, 12/26/2013 10:14 PM
Must OgleMartin Schoeller’s Larger than Life Portraits at the EMP Museum(Through 2/16, times vary) — In Close-Up, photographer Martin Schoeller shares his stunning, large-scale, full-face shots of celebs and regular folks alike. Must DineWhere to Dine Out During the HolidaysThe holidays are here, family is in town—celebrate at one of these special-occasion spots.
Thursday, 12/26/2013 10:36 PM
I would never turn down a glass of straight Champagne, sparkling wine, prosecco or any of their bubbly relations (well, almost never). If you were to invite me over for New Year’s Eve and serve nothing but bubbles, I’ll happily consume it. However, if you are throwing an end-of-year shindig, and want it to be remembered as the best New Year’s Eve party ever, then you need to take your drink offerings to the next level.
Thursday, 12/26/2013 6:08 PM
The few days after Christmas is the time when you get to go out and buy something for yourself, guilt-free, with that check from grandma. Go ahead, It's what she wants you to do with it. If it were me, this is what I would get courtesy of Magnolia's White Space.
Thursday, 12/26/2013 6:21 PM
Head to Madison Valley from Thursday, December 26 through Sunday, January 5 for 25 percent off gorgeous jewelry at Riversong. The sale excludes high carat items, but includes talismans that River has had handmade in Turkey, as well as a lovely assortment of other treasures that she picks up during her globetrots.
Thursday, 12/26/2013 6:10 PM
Chances are many of your favorite boutiques are launching their inventory reduction sales—after Christmas and early January are the traditional time to do that, but check back on this blog occasionally as I’ll be updating it with the ones that land in my inbox.
Monday, 12/23/2013 11:34 PM
the best things we ate and drank in 2013 seattle magazine
Here's to 2013: It was a wild year, full of amazing new restaurants, new bars and crazy new cocktails (hello, shrubs!). So what better way to bid it adieu than with a trip down our collective food and drink memory lane.
Monday, 12/23/2013 10:08 PM
Starting tomorrow, December 24, the editors at Seattle magazine will be taking some well-deserved time off to be with family and friends and enjoy the holiday. (We hope you're doing the same.) As such, will be taking a slight breather from regular blog and article posts. However, dear reader, that does not mean we're leaving you high and dry. With New Year's Eve nipping at our heels, we've lined up a slew of fancy parties and dinners around Seattle here.
Monday, 12/23/2013 5:52 PM
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Thursday, 12/19/2013 10:52 PM
Seattle promises New Year’s Eve celebrations aplenty, everything from classy multi-coursed feasts to fireworks to sparkling parties brimming with bubbly and live music. Slip on your finest party shoes, grab a noise-maker and prep the vocal chords for a little “Auld Lang Syne,” then opt for one of these festive neighborhood NYE events.
Thursday, 12/19/2013 9:05 PM
Still stumped on what to get the cupcake lover or aspiring baker on your list? Cupcake Royale’s Vanilla Cake Cupcaking Mix ($12.50) is the solution to your dilemma.
Thursday, 12/19/2013 9:24 PM
MUST GLUGSun Liquor’s Exquisite Eggnog (Plus a Recipe to Make Your Own)Sneak out on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (starting at 7 p.m.) to sip the delicious made-from-scratch eggnog at Capitol Hill’s Sun Liquor. Or make your own with this surefire recipe.
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