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Tuesday, 12/14/2010 7:39 PM
To wit, there isn’t a cookie-cutter Seattle style. Some (regrettably) rock the socks ’n’ flops with their fleece, while others prefer the gritty polish of chicly layered scarves, leather jackets and knee-high boots. Though more apt to pound the pavement (or perhaps climb a mountain) than walk a red carpet, the 20 Seattleites on the following pages represent the epitome of local style, with day-to-day looks packing creative, personality-infused details.
Tuesday, 12/14/2010 7:59 PM
Seattle Signature Styles The 20 Seattleites on the following pages represent the epitome of local style, with day-to-day looks packing creative, personality-infused details. These style emblems embrace a larger trend: The “rules” of fashion need not apply. The Best Local Fashion Bloggers Snapping street style and talking eco-chic, our favorite local fashion bloggers are on the pulse of Seattle style.
Saturday, 12/11/2010 1:19 AM
At the Inform Interiors store in the Denny Triangle, there are nose prints on the window. But not in front of the cowhide recliner, or the angular Bellini chairs. The lustful smudges are reserved for the spot where passers-by can ogle an ovoid ice princess of a bathtub called the Agape Spoon XL. At $15,236, the Spoon XL costs as much as an economy car, but it won’t take you anywhere—except wherever your mind wanders while you’re soaking in it, up to your nose.
Saturday, 12/11/2010 1:51 AM
Denim Devotion
Saturday, 12/11/2010 12:35 AM
This waterfront neighborhood is most often associated with summer strolls, but don’t let the colder months keep you away. December brings the magical Pathway of Lights, a luminaria-lit holiday walk around the lake (12/11; 4:30–7:30 p.m.). And with a recent influx of new restaurants and shops, you may want to plan your next daycation on Green Lake’s welcoming shores. EAT AND DRINK
Friday, 12/03/2010 9:15 PM
Why we love his look: Ian MacNeil is always the life of the party. As chair of multiple galas around town (often sharing the honor with wife Laura), the Montlake-based business executive (he owns Lachselian Holdings, an aviation leasing firm) is always clad in preppy, boldly colored suits. “I like to dress appropriate to the occasion, but take it to the nth degree,” says MacNeil, who recently launched SoDo-based Glass Vodka distillery.
Tuesday, 11/16/2010 5:00 PM
Most drag-fabulous designs
Monday, 10/11/2010 12:32 AM
Plucking fallen pine needles out of the carpet is cause for Grinch-style grumbling, so we’ve asked Santa for nontraditional, creative wreaths that don’t shed like pets. Try these crafty DIY garlands (made from recycled fabric, plush paper and art supplies) that celebrate the season in chic, clean style. A Cut Above
Wednesday, 09/09/2009 1:00 PM
I am not in the camp of buying pretty soap only to have it set out and have it collect dust for years. Life is too short and as a result, luxe soaps have long been my little indulgences. So I just have to share this amazing soap that my son's teacher from last year gave me.
Tuesday, 06/23/2009 11:00 AM
Now that summer is officially upon us (the first day was June 21st) and the sun is making an extended stay, we can finally pull out the bright colors, happy sundresses, flip flops and tanks. Julep Nail Parlor (multiple locations, including 1427 5th Avenue in downtown Seattle and a new locale in Bellevue) must be a similarly happy mood, debuting a fun, colorful line of polish colors to go along with your summer wardrobe.
Friday, 05/15/2009 10:00 AM
Figaro! Figaro! Figaro! You have two performances left to catch Seattle Opera’s The Marriage of Figaro before it ends this Saturday. Mozart’s Figaro remains one of the most performed operas in America and is a great choice for opera newbies. The music is gorgeous and it’s the type of enchanting romantic comedy that would be perfect for Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts!
Thursday, 01/01/1970 12:30 AM
WHY WE LOVE HIS LOOK: It’s only fitting that James Todd has “creative” embedded in his job title. As a creative director for Gene Juarez Salons, Todd’s artistic vision extends from sleek haircuts to his thoughtful approach to suiting. “I’m notoriously formal,” he jokes about his trademark weekday attire, typically a luxe suit accented with unexpected details, such as a bright pocket square, a check shirt or a pair of heeled ankle boots plucked from his collection of Yves Saint Laurent shoe wear.
Thursday, 01/01/1970 12:30 AM
Wax On
Thursday, 01/01/1970 12:30 AM
Say you’re an environmentally conscious consumer looking to build a new deck. You head to Dunn Lumber on Lake Union and stare at seemingly identical stacks of lumber. Which is the most eco-friendly? It’s hard to tell. Should you just buy the most expensive wood and assume it must be the greenest? What about that pile with the official-looking stamp? Or that other pile with the different but equally official-looking logo? What do those symbols actually mean, anyway?
Thursday, 01/01/1970 12:30 AM
WHY WE LOVE IT: From her bright red lipstick to the ever-present pearls, north Capitol Hill resident Carolin Messier would have looked perfectly at ease in a 1940s French film noir, sipping café coffee in a sassy, tailored suit and Mary Jane heels.