Food Trends: Dead, Dying and Those We've Yet to Discover

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Two recent food trend stories hit my radar within minutes:

First Food and Wine declared that the "Farm to ___(fill-in-the-blank)" construction had effectively jumped the shark with the phrase "farm to tumbler" to describe cocktails made with fresh, seasonal produce. A. Greed. I just wish there was an acronym for the Local.Sustainable.Organic.Seasonal contingent. S.O.L.S.? (Too bad those words don't all start with Z's, amIright?)

That story led me to read Eater NY's 10 Dead Food Trends story, and boy is that a study in Us vs Them.

Several of the trends have yet to hit full-force here (the Tiki drink trend is still gathering steam; far from over) while other trends feel like they're dying in both cities concurrently (ciao, speakeasies). Some NY trends are just plain puzzling: Growlers of beer in Duane Reade (the east coast version of RiteAid)? New York, you're doing it wrong.

But I agree about most of their dead trends: Sorry hipsters, but I think we've seen the best of those "ironic" elk antler'd dining rooms. I'm rooting for a return to restaurant design, something Jason Stratton promises we'll get a taste of at Spinasse's little brother bar, Artusi, when it opens next week.

As for the others listed in the Eater story, well, they can give up their "Asian sandwiches." I'll keep mine, thanks. Then again they're hardly trendy here; more like a way of life. As a banh mi lover who lived in NYC long before there were designer $9 banh mi shops popping up in Brooklyn and Manhattan, I can assure you I searched high and low for the NYC version of the Saigon Deli and it doesn't exist, and probably never will. Still, it's a shame that they're eager to call what I consider the sandwich of our city a "dead trend." 

And the "upscale comfort food" trend? As much as I tire of it, it's not going away anytime soon, probably ever.

But what about our own trends locally? What's making your eyes roll in Seattle?  What trends have you seen in other cities that you envy and wish would hit here (and stay awhile)? I'd love to know.

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