Thanksgiving Cheat Sheet, Part 3: Sage Butter

One of the easiest but most delicious things you can do to your turkey: make sage butter to rub under and over the skin of the bird.

“Compound butter” sounds fancy, but in this case it is made by pulling the leaves off of the stems of the sage (we have it growing in our yard, but it's easy to find in every supermarket – except the day before Thanksgiving) and putting it into the food processor with a 3 or 4 sticks of butter and a good amount of salt and pepper (feel free to add fresh thyme, too, if you want).

That’s it.

Then, on Thanksgiving morning, make little slits using the tip of a sharp knife near the top of the drumsticks, on one end of the breast and a few other places; use your finger to slip the sage butter under the skin and smooth it out and voila! Your turkey is a buttery, juicy, sagey delight – and the meat itself is seasoned, not just the outside skin.

You look like a genius for doing something very, very easy.

Make the butter this weekend; it takes about 5 minutes once your butter's at room temp.