Seattle Mag Joins Bill Gates for Breakfast, Learns the Names of His Favorite Eco Books

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Lucky Seattle mag, tagging along with our Seattle Business colleagues to this morning's fascinating and inspiring Climate Solutions breakfast at the Seattle Westin. Seattle Biz sponsored the event that packed more than a thousand people into the Grand Ballroom, where we were plied with pastries and multiple impassioned speeches about the growing climate crisis and the search for solutions. Reason enough to attend, but the promise of a rare Gates address on climate change and energy was what really filled the room.

The upshot? Gates is optimistic when he talks to scientists; less so when he talks to politicians. "It's wonderful that it looks like we should be able to solve this problem," he says, and he's been putting his considerable heft behind that end, funding green-energy innovators, collaborating with industry leaders to pressure politicians to better fund R&D, and generally using his considerable presence to lend weight to the issue.

The event was simulcast on this morning, and there's a live online chat with Grist's David Roberts and KC Golden, the eco rock star (and former Seattle mag "most influential") of Climate Solutions at noon today (Tuesday) on Grist. If you want to learn more about the issue, Gates has two fave books: Vaclav Smil's Creating the Twentieth Century and Davi Mackay's Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air.