Two-way Photos Outside of Canoe Social Club at Capitol Hill Arts Walk

Outside Canoe Social Club last night, one of many stops at Capitol Hill Arts Walk. Karen Johnson posted this pic on her Facebook page, only to be one-upped by the performer (Sakia Delores) who posted a photo of her on Seattle mag's Facebook wall. Suffice to say, we were clearly tickled by the meta- audience-peformer boundaries blurred during this exchange.

On my way home last night, I came across a group of perplexed neighbors staring at a storefront across from my building. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a live woman on display in the window. Curious, I snapped a picture.

It turns out the woman behind the window also snapped a picture of me (how meta!):


Above: An image taken outside of my apartment building. I'm chatting with local filmmaker and writer Daryle Conners (middle, right), mastermind behind the latest installment of “Red Light Nights” at Canoe Social Club, featuring work by photographer Melanie Masson and a live performance by local musician Saskia Delores, the woman behind the window (who happened to post the above image on Seattle mag's Facebook wall today). The show was one of many stops during last night's Capitol Hill Arts Walk and the second installation of what is slated to become a monthly series.


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