10 Things I am Ashamed I Have Not Done and Will Do in 2012

Do not call it a “bucket list.” Since neither death nor apocalypse seem more imminent than usual (fingers crossed!)I’ll call this a “sand pail” list: obvious things to do and see locally that will be top priority in 2012, lest the tides of time snatch away the opportunity and I spend all future social gatherings awkwardly avoiding any shame around said topics.

Let’s begin at the rear:

10. Take the train to Portland and/or Vancouver.
Lots of folks recommend both of these trips, and specifically via train. But I just haven’t made time for either. The Portland Cello Project performing Pantera in February, or the PUSH performing arts festival  in Vancouver this month might just light a fire under me.

9. See a show at the Gorge.
I love Tom Petty. I love sunsets. It is stupid that I have not done this yet.

8. Eat at Canlis.
Because I’m worth it…I think.

7. Swim in Lake Washington
Because isn't it just the most Americana thing to do in summer? Skip out of work and plunge fearlessly into the neighborhood watering hole with all your loved ones shrieking gleefully around you? (Or am I just channeling a scene from The Notebook?)

6. Visit Mount Rainier
The shocking, tragic news about the recent deaths in Mt Rainier National Park reminded me that I still haven’t set foot, nor snow shoe, nor even tire near our city’s looming, snowy sentinel. I honestly don’t mean to be glib, but this stands as a reminder to me to seize the dayand trek out to see those wildflowers before, for whatever reason, it’s too late.

5. See the Sound Garden
As in the art installation in Magnuson Park. Unfortunately, it’s only open on week days.

4. Ride the Ducks
Because I am cheesy.

3. Shop at a Farmer’s Market. Any Farmer’s Market.
But I’m so lazy! Ugh...but it's so good for farmers...

2. Hear the Compline Choir chant at St Mark’s Cathedral (in person)
Because my New Year’s Resolution is to make more time and space for what really matters to me. This seems like just the right accompanying sound track for that mantra.

1. Shop at Open Booksthe all-poetry book store!
I have nothing left to express but shame. And that’s why it’s #1.

Let me accomplish all of these things in 2012, or hereby be banished back to Texas, where all wildflowers that are not Blue Bonnets are thrown into trash compactors and “poet” has officially been replaced with “waiter” in the Dictionary.

(Just joshin’.)