Beer Me! It's Just Work, Work, Work at Seattle Mag Headquarters

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The serene gorgeousness of this photo (thanks, Hayley!) belies the lunacy of the scene the past few weeks here at Seattle mag World Headquarters. In the name of research, your hard-working editors have sampled dozens of local craft beers of late, and then actually eaten the cheese that goes with them. Brings a tear to my eye just to think of it. Imagine: A nibble of nutty Gouda, followed by a sip of brown ale. A blob of goat cheese chased by a swill of porter. A giant wedge of Beecher's cheddar washed down with a citrussy IPA. 

If that sounds good to you, you might already be planning to attend the first-ever Craft Beer + Food event later this month. Seattle mag is sponsoring it, so I will drag myself out there for more "research," but you can bet this will be an outstanding event. It's the labor of beer-expert extraordinaire Kendall Jones, writer of the Washington Beer Blog. Imagine: Ten local brewers, each paired up with a chef to produce ten different beer and food pairings. The event is on September 28 at the Yacht Club on Lake Union.

And if you love beer, watch for our October issue; it hits the stands in just a few weeks.