Behind the Scenes of our August Issue: Don't Even Get Me Started

Seattle kayak
Wish you were here?

Finally, a second summer day, just in time to make our August "water play" issue slightly less irritating to caged-up water geeks. Sure, it was fun to dream up dozens of pages of fun water stuff for the issue—from wakeboarding to houseboat-gawking to surfing, rafting and more—but that all started in March; back then, when we were JUST SURE we'd be doing all of that and more by now. Now being the END OF JULY.

Complaining about the weather is boring. And we true locals—(shunning webbed-feet and gills references here)—we true locals kayak anyway, low cloud deck be damned. Or we hit the blustery, fleece-festooned beaches to get our red noses and fierce hair. Or we watch the rain pelt Lake Washington from the comfort of a waterfront wine bar (if you go, try one of these 10 Best New Washington Wines).

We settle for windburn instead of sunburn because come autumn, we'll get Indian summer, which almost better than summer-summer; by the time it arrives, we're just so very, very desperate and grateful. Sort of like how food tates better when you're really, really hungry.

Speaking of food, it's a quiet Friday here at Seattle Mag World Headquarters, thanks to  a very important work-related meeting at Tom Douglas' Brave Horse Tavern (review). Work, work, work.