Breaking fashion news! The 2012 color of the year just announced

A sad day for us blue-eyed blondes: The 2012 color of the year, according to the experts at Pantone, is "tangerine tango." Tonight when I go home I have to toss out all of my "honeysuckle" clothing–the acrylic sweaters, the bobbly ponchos–and update my Santa list. Honeysuckle is so last year.

Anyway, we wondered who was in charge of this decision and were delighted to discover Leatrice Eiseman living next door on Bainbridge Island. She's profiled in our January issue, now at press to be delivered to your mailbox (you ARE a subscriber, right? so much cheaper and easier!) on December 16. That's three days earlier than non-subscribers get it.

But you won't see the words "tangerine tango" in our story in the print magazine, even though Leatrice teased us by wearing head-to-toe-tangerine at the photo shoot. Because, well, Pantone made us swear in writing that we wouldn't tell, and a promise is a promise. And then, they went ahead and released it early anyway. Not that we're bitter.