Greg Lundgren's Latest Art Manifesto (It's Animated!)

Local arts provocateur Greg Lundgren just posted a video that, as far as I'm concerned, should shift the way we think about artist proposals from now on.

Using the viral video generator Xtranormal (parent to this NSFW "I want an iPhone" video), Lundgren made an animated video about landing a meeting at the Gates Foundation to pitch his latest project Walden Three, in hopes of getting funding.

In the fictional scene, Lundgren's avatar is interviewed by a clueless, but curious, administrator:

Lundgren: “Did you even read my proposal?"

Administrator: "I skimmed it."

Walden Three, in case you didn't know, is Lundgren's ambitious plan to create a documentary film—which will be  purposefully ten years in the making—about a budding arts center, which he is planning to establish inside the building formerly known as The Lusty Lady. Lundgren talked to us about the project earlier this year for our "Big Idea" story in the September issue.

Put your thinking cap on: despite its primitive animation, the video delivers highfalutin artistic ideals (“Consumption of art makes us less alone”).

But by using one of the very junk food delivery systems he is railing against to deliver his message – Lundgren is wisely not taking himself too seriously. And he does a good job of asking questions about how different American consumer habits could affect the world at large.

And, of course, he doesn't let his ambitions swell beyond reason:

 “Even as a failure, [the project] would make a great film,” the avatar insists.

I believe it.

Watch the video:

Follow the project on the Walden Three Facebook group. Lundgren plans to post several pieces that will pitch the project to different audiences, including artists, billionaires and politicians.