Hot or Not: Local Radio Contest Wants You to Rank Your Co-workers

I listen to 92.5 frequently in my car. All four songs they play cheer me up when I'm stuck in traffic.

Recently the drive-time program launched a new contest called "Office Hottie," in which listeners are encouraged to nominate themselves or someone at their place of work as the "Office Hottie." The winner scores $1500 for the whole office.

I'm torn: is this appalling? Or amusing?

What does "hottie" even mean?  Most closely resembles "Gloria" on Modern Family? Or: summons least amount of disgust when picturing them naked?

Should we be broaching these highly subjective discussions at work?

At the very least, wouldn't it be awkward? Sorry you took second place, Frank.  We just can't take our eyes off Steve. Also, maybe don't skip the gym next week.

Seattle may be draining me of my sense of humor. But I'm curious: How would you feel if your office participated?