Rooting for Seattle's LeRoy Bell on 'X Factor'

In regard to Bond Huberman's earlier post cheering on Phillip Lomax, the young Seattle singer who's currently a competitor on Simon Cowell's The X Factor, I must respectfully respond: oh hell no.

The X-Factor contender I'm backing is Seattle's own LeRoy Bell, the 59-year-old singer/songwriter who does way more than karaoke-style Sinatra imitations (ooh, take that, team Lomax!). Bell has played countless gigs in town, and also nationwide, with Mavis Staples, BB King, Erykah Badu, and Los Lobos. AND he's written songs for Elton John. AND he has an easy confidence that only comes from experience. AND he's cute.

Let's kick some X-butt, Team LeRoy!