The SOPA Protest Song from Seattle's own Cheezburger Network

While Seattle turns white (Snowmaggedon 2012!), the Internet is going black.

Well, significant portions of the Internet, that is, including Wikipedia, Reddit, and Flickr. These sites are going fully or partially "dark" for 24 hours on Wednesday, January 18 in order to protest SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act, and the Protect IP Act, two bills the Senate will begin voting on January 24. SOPA is widely criticized for being unconstitutional censorship in disguise. Not even the Obama administration supports it as written.

If this is the first time you're hearing about SOPA, read this helpful blog post over on CNET, which breaks down the potential impacts of the bill. I would refer you to Wikipedia...but you'll just run into the protest splash page (shown above).

Another strong opponent of SOPA is the local online entertainment network known as I Can Has Cheezburger (home of LOLcats and Fail Blog). Not only are they participating in the blackout Wednesday, they went so far as to create a protest song:


If you're interested in signing the petition against SOPA, you can sign the petition on Google or contact your representatives directly.