Spotlight Artists in the Spotlight This Weekend

Two of our 2011 Spotlight Award winners (plus one from 2008) are involved in interesting projects this weekend.

Bonus: both events are free.

First, the king of pop-culture-art, Troy Gua (left) has a show over at NEPO House in Beacon Hill, as part of the experimental gallery's "Little Treats" series. The work presents a mix of concepts inspired by the artist's dad and Fellini's La Dolce Vita. Expect humor, precise execution and illuminating strangeness.

You'll have more fun if you attend the opening this Saturday, November 5; 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. But the show continues through November 24. Details at

Second, composer Garrett Fisher (who blew me away with some of the music in his opera Kocho, staged in Seattle earlier this year) will perform on his harmonium along with improv artist and cellist extraordinaire Paul Rucker at The Project Room (Friday, November 4; 7 p.m.), showing off what they've been doing with their collaborative studio time together there. Dean Moore joins on percussion. Details at

If you're not yet familiar with Kocho, watch:


KOCHO from Armchair Internet on Vimeo.