Viaduct for Dummies: When Will the Rest of That Thing Come Down?

SR99 Route into Seattle

Today's VFD update: A response to the random question from the back seat this morning as we weasled our way onto the Viaduct in SoDo. "I thought the Viaduct was coming down. So why are we still getting on it?"

Listen, Billy, it ain't that simple. Rebuilding Seattle's north-south access via SR 99 is going to take years...about four more, to be exact. And until it's all built, the Viaduct's not coming down.

Now that we're all getting so good at riding the SoDo Coaster, here's a look at some of the key timeline highlights, all just estimates, courtesy of WSDOT:

2012: Tunnel boring machine arrives in SoDo in pieces and is reassembled in a pit

2013: Boring begins. Also, the big Atlantic Street overpass--the one that will rest on those new support columns you're seeing down there--is built. Also, the new SR99 roadway, between South Holgate and South King streets, will be built.

2014: Tunnel boring is finished

2015: Tunnel opens to traffic!

2016: Rest of the Viaduct is demolished

That's another 4+ years until we get our braces off. I can hardly wait!