The Weekend Must List: One Last Splash of Summer, Trailer Park Shopping and Bugs for Dinner

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Bug Banquet
Wednesday (9/7)
Seattle’s own David George Gordon, also known as the Bug Chef, is presenting a four-course meal at Seattle’s Café Racer, featuring grasshopper kabobs, a cricket-and-pasta salad, bug juice and other unimaginable treats. Bug-eaters can also enjoy insect-themed art and a locally-grown mounted insect collection. Don’t be scared. Give it a try - and gain some insight, perhaps, into why the New Yorker is calling insect fare not only “chic,” but a potential solution to sustainability problems. 9/7. 7 p.m. $20. Cafe Racer. 5828 Roosevelt Way; 206.523.JAVA;

Labor Day Weekend!
Get in a good dose of summer before it’s gone. Our Sand Bucket List from the August issue guides you to the best beach activities in the Northwest, including camping at Shi Shi Beach, flying kites at Long Beach, exploring tide pools and storm watching.

Barbecued Pink-Salmon
Stop in at your neighborhood Farmer’s Market for fresh “pinks” (that is, a delicious kind of salmon said to be lower in fat than others) – in season for a limited time only. Impress your guests with the barbecued salmon recipe, stuffed with fennel and orange, which we teased in the September issue.

Georgetown Trailer Park Mall
Saturday (9/3) – Browse vintage cowboy boots, shoes, dresses and accessories; original artwork by local artists, and even custom-made piñatas – all for sale in a parking lot that, Seattle mag contributor Cody Ellerd Bay writes “feels as funky and as fun as the campground of a travelling circus.” Every Saturday. 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Georgetown Trailer Park. 6947 Doris Street;

Comedy at Bumbershoot: Seattle’s Music & Arts Festival
(9/3-9/5) — Take out your ear plugs and enjoy some of the several comedy acts making up eight straight hours of programming each day of the Bumbershoot. On our radar: the Improvised Shakespeare Company; Kitty Cats in Pirate Hats (a troupe of young comedians); and the variety show, Weird and Awesome with Emmett Montgomery, a local comedian who claims his heart is full of both hope and spiders. 9/3-9/5. Comedy runs 1 p.m.- 9 p.m. at Bumbershoot. Various venues at Seattle Center. Check the schedule for details.