What's in Store for the Seattle Waterfront? Get a Peek at Designs Thursday Night

Seattle's waterfront concept design

With the Viaduct lying in ruins around our ankles, seems a good time for a look ahead. Want to get a peek at what's cooking for the shiny new, re-imagined Seattle waterfront? There's a cool public event tonight, from 5-9 p.m. at Bell Harbor Conference Center on Pier 66. You'll see a presentation of design ideas from James Corner Field Operations, the guy who's been tasked with making our precious waterfront more stroll-worthy.

I went to one of these back in May and came away thrilled by the possibilities. Also, pleased by the huge number of people who are passionate about our city—it was a standing-room crowd of polite, intense listeners. If you too are thrilled—or if you are quite the opposite—this is the place to offer feedback. Plus, food trucks will be there.

Reservation required, but the event is free. Get there early if you want to sit down.