Bon Appetit's (Pretty Spot-on!) Take on a Seattle Food-Lover's Itinerary

Ballard restaurant and oyster bar Walrus and the Carpenter
The Walrus & the Carpenter in Ballard was selected as one of our Best Restaurants in Seattle in 2012

Last year, I took the idea of having three days in Seattle to do nothing but eat, eat and eat some more, and I used that as a guide post for the varied restaurants we included in the Best Restaurants issue.

Our list of the 7 Restaurants that Define Seattle Dining Now wasand to a large extent, still ismy idea of how to taste the best in Seattle dining in one very filling weekend.

Bon Appetit's Alex Van Buren's come up with a similar list, published today on the Bon Appetit site as part of their Weekender Guide series.

We both include Walrus & Carpenter, Spinasse and Revel on our lists, but Van Buren also gives praise to Brave Horse Tavern, Delancey and Canlis (great choices, all), as well as calling out a couple of bars, hotels and an unexpected day trip, too. Worth checking out.

Which list do you prefer?