Breaking News: Blackbird in Ballard Closing

Blackbird may be closing up shop, but you can still get your incense fix

To be honest, I’m kind of shocked by this news, because the store is so awesome and men’s wear is having a moment right now, but according to a message from Blackbird owner Nicole Miller on Facebook, she is closing her nine year-old brick and mortar store in Seattle on July 31 to focus on her successful wholesale line of incense, beard oil, soap and other products. I’ve sent out a round of emails asking for more info, but her message on her Facebook page sums it up pretty well.

Blackbird's departure is leaving a huge hole in both the Seattle-at-large and Ballard-specific retail scene. Her location in the center of that neighborhood is prime real estate.  I'm eager to see what takes its place and hope, hope, hope that The Aviary stays put. 

Stay tuned for clearance sale news (apparently, even the staircase and loft is for sale) and the public has been invited to a beers & tears farewell party on July 7 (more info here).

I have a feeling this isn’t the last we’ll hear of Miller, though. Her retail genius shines too brightly to be out for long.