Brian Scheehser: Chef, Farmer And Now, Award-Winning Cheesemaker

Leslie Kelly
Chef Brian Scheehser at his farm

Congrats to Trellis chef Brian Scheehser, who recently won a second-place ribbon at the annual American Cheese Society competition in Madison, Wisconsin, for a carrot-nasturtium Monterey Jack he made with Blaine Hages from Cherry Valley Dairy in Duvall.

Considering there were more than 1,800 different types of cheese entered in this prestigious competition, this is a pretty big deal.

“A lot of heavy hitters were there,” said chef Scheehser. (Including Beecher's, which won second-place awards for Yule Käse, Flagsheep and the Marco Polo Reserve.)

For Scheehser, the cheese-making project began about two years ago when Gretchen Garth from 21 Acres Farms approached the chef about working with the dairy she’d bought.

“We made pepperjack with peppers grown on my farm, and made a caraway seed that we used on our corned beef sandwiches,” said Scheehser, who has 12 acres of vegetables, fruit trees and berries in production for the restaurant. “But I wanted to come up with a signature cheese, something that would really stand out.”

In addition to the colorful combination of carrot and nasturtium, the chef also created a blueberry-basil jack, which is currently featured on a shrimp flatbread at Trellis.

“After we made that first batch, we didn’t touch them for six months,” he said. “When we finally got to try them, we were like a bunch of kids.”

The award-winning cheese will be showcased at the restaurant’s first-ever dinner at the chef’s South 47 Farm on Aug. 22. Highlights from the seven-course feast include heirloom tomato soup, troll-caught salmon with a green garden sauce, beet carpaccio, and a double cut lamb chop. Wine from Sparkman Cellars will complement each course, and resident winemaker Linn Scott will be at the dinner to talk about the stellar lineup.

Tickets are $149, which doesn’t include tax or tip, but does include an optional pre-funk farm tour. Make a reservation by calling: 425.284.5858.