Built For Man Dresses the Man (and the Woman) of the Future

The modern man in black from Built For Man

Built for Man designer Francisco Hernandez put on an amazing show at the Seattle Asian Art Museum on Tuesday, March 19. The crowd was attractive and well-heeled and the whole event felt very luxe, thanks to the gorgeous building, intriguing art and beautiful male models dressed in sleek, modern and impeccably made clothing.

Highlights from the collection, for me, were the leather pants embroidered with binary code on the sides. Paired with sneakers, the look, while meant for men, was definitely something I could see many women, including moi-self, adopting. Think Joan Jett meets Emmanuelle Alt.

Hernandez’s woven alpaca scarves, part of his artisanal Peruvian collection, also with the binary code in Jacquard, made me long for a return of rough winter weather, just so I can bundle up in one. Maybe he'll do one in spring weight Pima cotton for spring?

Built for Man is available at David Lawrence at The Bravern and online at builtforman.com