Built For Man’s Ornament Project

"This is not an ornament, it's an opportunity"

Last year, Francisco Hernandez, the owner, designer and visionary behind men’s clothing line Built For Man created a yak ornament, made in Nepal, with proceeds benefitting the Early Rehabilitation Center (ERC), a Nepalese non profit committed to the welfare of special needs kids in that country.

The Yak project was a huge success, and right in line with Built For Man’s commitment to giving back to the world and more specifically, to the people who Hernandez works with to create his innovative and interesting work. And so this year, Hernandez has launched the Hippo Project—an adorable family of portly and colorful barrel chested beasties, ranging in price from $12 for one baby to $48 for a set that includes a dad, mom and baby, made in Nepal, with absolutely all proceeds going right to the ERC.

These tiny creatures are so adorable and the cause so worthy, you’ll be tempted to decorate your tree with a whole herd of them.