Capitol Hill Block Party Was A Feast For All Senses

Leslie Kelly

Wow. Just WOW!

The Capitol Hill Block Party delivered the full-on sensory overload I was expecting--it was my first time, be gentle.

When I told friends I was going, they served up some stern warnings: Yeah, good luck with that massive clustercuss. Or, words to that effect.

But I love the electric buzz of crowds and the people watching and where there are crowds, there’s bound to be food and booze. I found some really good eats tucked in the little alley behind Poquitos and Havana Social Club, both of which were packed like it was 11:45 on New Year’s Eve and they were the last watering holes on the planet.

Along with a handful of food trucks in the alley, Von Trapps was there with its sausage cart, and hot dog, that bratwurst was a wiener, er, winner.

Then, there was the crew from Hitchcock on Bainbridge blowing smoke. Literally. Chef Brendan McGill was at the wood-fired grill and, what’s this? Its sandwich board listing snackage also included some savory news to cheer Seattle deli fans. Food & Wine’s The People’s Best New Chef for 2013 is opening a version of his popular charcuterie shop in Georgetown in 2014!

Not surprisingly, the outdoor beer gardens were doing a bang-up business and I spotted a few skinned knees on wobbly young ladies wearing impossibly high heels. 

And everywhere, on multiple stages in this cordoned-off chunk of the city, people were drinking in the sounds of a crazy mashup of wonderfully eclectic sounds. Bravo to the bands who made this party such a blast and a standing O to the organizers for the Herculean efforts in putting it on. When I walked out the exit, I felt incredibly full.