Catching Up With Monte Cristo At Queen Anne Farmers Market

Leslie Kelly
Seattle food trucks

It’s been rolling around town for nearly a year, but I just finally caught up with the amazing Monte Cristo truck, a tasty venture run by seasoned chef Danielle Custer.

Though I had dinner plans later, I couldn’t resist trying this mobile kitchen’s rightly famous fried cheese curds, dipping the melty bites into a tiny cup of tomato soup. That’s Custer’s favorite way of eating them.

Mm-mmm, good. No, make that great. I'll be back for more soon! (Monte's at Second and Pike today [Friday]) and up on Cap Hill Sunday for PrideFest.

Monte Cristo was making folks murmur mmm at one of the best spots in Seattle for checking out food trucks, the Queen Anne Farmers Market.

Every Thursday--except next week, which is a holiday--this crazy busy market on the top of the hill is like a mini mobile truck roundup. The cast of characters changes regularly, which keeps things interesting. Monte Cristo is there the last Thursday of each month, for instance. Off the Rez was there, too, as was Parfait and Buns in addition to various other vendors.

And, man, the neighborhood eats it up. Arrive around 5 p.m. and the place is buzzing with the happy sounds of families grabbing dinner and kicking it picnic-style on the nearby lawn. What a fantastic way to start the weekend. (Didn’t you hear? Thursday’s the new Friday!)

It seems like the perfect partnership, these mobile food purveyors offering an extra delicious incentive for folks to come out and support local micro-ag. Could this practice trend? Sure hope so, as the combo clicks.

If you want to take that combo-ing idea to the next level, you could shop for your fruits, veggies, meat, eggs and bread--thanks for coming Columbia City Bakery!--and have an appetizer at the farmers market before wandering down the Avenue to the sublime Lloyd Martin for the main course. Starting July 11, chef Sam Crannel makes a Market-focused three-course supper on Thursdays, available from 5 to 7 p.m. Hurray!

AND... to keep up with the ever-expanding fleet of fab food trucks around the area, check out Seattle Food Truck's excellent website