The Pulitzer Prize-winning local poetry press is celebrating with four new titles

Our hand-picked list of best bets for entertainment this month

When comedian/musician Reggie Watts begins his act, he might have a British accent—but that won’t last long. Soon his inflection morphs into that of a typical American rapper, or maybe the stentorian tones of a commercial advertiser.

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Judging by the 400 archival photographs on display at the Wing Luke Museum, bridal portraits were a steady source of income for Japantown’s Takano Studio.


9/18 This popular trio of Seattle elementary schoolteachers write and perform wacky, Beatles-influenced sing-along songs about subjects such as moon boots and a “Ukulalien” (a ukulele-playing alien, of course). But the best part a

9/5 One of the first bands in America to embody the term “alternative rock,” Pavement came onto the scene in the early ’90s.

9/3–10/3 Local photographer Andy Reynolds, who shot Spotlight Award winners Jody Kuehner, Ricki Mason and Debra Baxter for this issue (Fall Arts Preview article) has become known for his hyper-real, alternately funny and disturbin

When rumors started swirling that this year’s Bumbershoot headliner was Bob Dylan, many Seattleites were disbelieving. The Bob Dylan? At our little Bumbershoot? But then it turned out to be true.

Revisit the classic sounds of Motown with the Temptations and The Four Tops (7/11; 7 p.m.; prices vary; Tulalip Casino, 6410 33rd Ave.