Davenport Opens in Madrona

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One store was not enough to contain the amazing talent of cousins Dustin Nelson and Erica Sheehan, whose original Madrona shop, Hitchcock Madrona, is the stuff of jewelry lovers' dreams. Their newest project, Davenport, also on 34th Ave. (in the old Cameos and Crowns space), Madrona’s main shopping drag, is filled with more treasures, from wearables to home décor, that the duo has picked up along their journeys, including stacks of gorgeous vintage Indian wedding quilts (from their recent trip to India), antique oil paintings and steel curio boxes hand crafted by furniture designer Don Goble.

The shop is open now, with a grand opening party scheduled for May 18 from 6 to 9 p.m. More details to follow.


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