Destination Station at the Pacific Science Center

Destination Station Pacific Science Center Seattle magazine

The closest I’ve ever come to intergalactic space travel was in third grade. My signature, along with a few hundred other scrawled names in pencil, traveled alongside a NASA satellite as part of a program to educate schoolchildren about the space flight program. While there’s no way to tell if my signature actually made it to space, I feel confident telling people (and listing on my resume?) that I have experience with basic aeronautics and space travel. A recent visit to the Pacific Science Center and the newest exhibit, Destination Station, proved that I may need to brush up on my basic space knowledge.

Destination Station is NASA’s outreach effort to share and promote information about the International Space Station. The exhibit features interactive video screens inside an enclosure the same size as a space module, as well as neat models of the station and informative labels. I learned that the International Space Station is a hub for research pertaining to everything from bone density to salmonella, and links more than a dozen countries in international partnership. The traveling exhibit will be at the Pacific Science Center until September 2, and will then move on to the Museum of Flight until December 4. The exhibit is designed for all ages and is included with the price of general admission to the Pacific Science Center. For a list of complete events related to Destination Station and to learn more about the outreach program, check out