Dine Out for I-522

Fight for GMO labeling by eating tasty food drink

By Seattle Mag


October 1, 2013

!–paging_filter–pIt’s really the best when you can fight for something you believe in by eating really well. And drinking, too. With your friends./p
pThat’s the story this Thursday, October 3rd, when you can strongchoose between two neighborhood restaurant hops (one in Ballard, the other in Capitol Hill) to raise funds to support 522/strong, the initiative to make labeling of GMO foods the law./p
pIf you choose a href=”http://action.yeson522.com/page/event/detail/fundraisingevent/jt3” target=”_blank”the Capitol Hill crawl/a, you’ll hit seven (really good!) restaurants (Quinn’s Pub, Restaurants Zoe, Cafe Presse, Terra Plata, Dinette, Sitka Spruce, Cafe Flora, Golazo, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Truck), eating one small plate at each. Tickets (which they’re calling passports) are $50. Note: most of these are within walking distance of each other, but if you want to eat at Cafe Flora you’ll need wheels of some sort./p
pa href=”http://action.yeson522.com/page/event/detail/fundraisingevent/jjz” target=”_blank”The Ballard-Fremont crawl/a (also $50) hits up five greats: Delancey, Golden Beetle, Hot Cakes, Joule, Staple Fancy and The Whale Wins./p
pThere are also two Yes on 522 cocktail parties coming up next Tuesday, October 8th:a href=”http://action.yeson522.com/page/event/detail/fundraisingevent/jtq” target=”_blank” One at Renee Erickson’s week-old Barnacle/a, which promises food and drink and costs $60. And another at a href=”http://action.yeson522.com/page/event/detail/fundraisingevent/jtb” target=”_blank”Maria Hines’nbsp;/aTilth, which is free.nbsp;/p