Diva Espresso (Phinneywood)

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7916 Greenwood Ave. N
(Multiple Locations)
Seattle, WA 98103

Diva’s Greenwood location feels more like a tea party than a coffeehouse. It’s a little cottage with a pitched roof, forest-green carpeting and chandeliers, and our macchiato was served in a tiny, gold-rimmed cup. And it’s a child’s tea party, no less: The Walls are adorned with children’s artwork, reflecting the family-friendly neighborhood it’s in, but Diva’s clientele is mostly, y’know, grownups. Not that we’re complaining. If we had a bungalow in the English countryside, it would look just like this (complete with baristas serving coffee, of course).

Greenwood/Phinney Ridge
Cuisine Type:
Coffee Shop
$10 or less
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