11 Local Cafes Participating in ACLU Fundraiser This Weekend

It literally couldn’t be easier to help out
| Updated: November 27, 2018
The Smoke-Ah Mocha at Slate Coffee's U-District shop features Askinosie chocolate and is topped with smoked sea salt. Go!

So you want to donate to the American Civil Liberties Union’s fight but can’t give up your morning latte? National coffee news site Sprudge has made it so easy that this weekend you can have both—some 350 cafes across the country will be donating proceeds to the ACLU, particularly as they help the refugee and immigrant families affected by the recent executive order.

Sprudge has promised to match the first $500 made by each participating café between today and Sunday, Feb. 5. Unsurprisingly, based on our city’s shared love of coffee and human rights, Seattle cafes are representing well. (And remember, you needn’t drink coffee to donate—click right here and sign up for a one-time or monthly donation.) Here’s where and how to help out:

Slate Coffee Roasters
- Donating 10 percent of store sales 

Stumptown Coffee
- Donating 15 percent of sales 

Royal Drummer
- Donating a portion of proceeds

El Diablo Coffee Co.
- Donating a portion of proceeds

Cloud City Coffee
- Donating a portion of proceeds

Preserve and Gather
- Donating 10 percent of coffee sales and proceeds from a special treat

QED Coffee
- Donating 5 percent of sales

Analog Coffee
- Donating a portion of proceeds 

La Marzocco Café
- Donating 15 percent of sales 

Elm Coffee Roasters
- Donating a portion of proceeds 

Union Coffee
- Donating 50 percent of all profits to both the ACLU and NAACP

In other coffee news, Starbucks has pledged to hire 10,000 refugees over the next five years, beginning in the U.S. but expanding to all 75 countries with Starbucks cafes.  

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