Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley Has a New Chef

Alvin Binuya, the former executive chef at Ponti Seafood Grill, is making seafood sing at the swanky downtown venue.
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No shocker, most people go to Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley for the world-class lineup of music. But there’s been a recent change in the kitchen that’s added a new sweet note to the experience.

Seasoned chef Alvin Binuya has stepped into the lead role at the swanky downtown venue and the audience is taking notice. 

To say the chef knows how to make fish shine is an understatement, as he was the long time culinary leader at the now-shuttered Ponti Seafood Grill. When that restaurant closed in 2016, he had planned on stepping away from the stove, but the opportunity at Jazz Alley was just too good to pass on.

Alvin Binuya (left) and the crew at Jazz Alley. Photo by Leslie Kelly.

“I’ve never done anything like this in my career,” he said. “We’re doing like 300 covers in an hour. It’s a lot of fun.”

He credits his outstanding crew with keeping the tempo humming right along. “Most of these guys have been here seven to 10 years.”

One guy’s been working there since the beginning – 39 years ago. “The owner, John Dimitriou, sometimes comes back and helps expedite.”

So far, there are no dramatic changes to the menu, just some adjustments. The Northwest cioppino and the coconut bread pudding have got the chef’s touch. He’s emphatic about sourcing wild salmon and has brought in bread from Columbia City Bakery. Moroccan Lamb Stew will soon join the turf side of the menu.

Sounds like the perfect excuse to get back in for a set at Jazz Alley, right?

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