Molly Moon's is Giving Away Free Ice Cream to Voters

This is what democracy tastes like.
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Flash that voting stub and get a scoop on Molly Moon's.

Wanna exercise your national right to vote and get free ice cream?

In honor of today’s election, every Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream shop is giving a free scoop of ice cream to customers who present their ballot stubs all day. You vote for a better future, you get free ice cream, and everybody wins.

As you slurp on your extra salty salted caramel scoop (that’s just as good in November as in the summer) or fulfill your inner PSL needs with a spoon of pumpkin clove (except way less basic), high five your fellow voters for partaking in our democracy. Have a friendly debate about politics (or not). Perhaps you prefer to debate which Molly Moon’s location is the best. Or maybe you’d rather chat up the staff about their employee record label.

Vote for your favorite representatives, vote for a better school system, vote for what you believe in, vote to stick it to the man. And if these options do not sway you, vote for ice cream.

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream Locations

Capitol Hill, 917 E Pine St.
Columbia City, 4822 Rainier Ave. S
Madrona, 1408 34th Ave.
Queen Anne, 321 W Galer St.
Redmond, 16272 Cleveland St.
U Village, 2615 NE 46th St.
Wallingford, 1622 N 45th St.

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