Seattle's Uzbek Food Truck May be the Only One on the West Coast

A unique food truck brings Uzbek street eats to our city.

Many (really, most) Americans would have a hard time finding Uzbekistan on a map, let alone naming its national dishes. Suriya Yunusova and her daughter Asal, who run local food truck Tabassum, are out to change that—one plate of cumin-rich plov at a time.

The duo may run the only Uzbek food truck on the entire West Coast. And while their specialty samsas—savory meat and veggie hand pies with flaky crusts ($5)—make great snacks, the plov (available once a week, $10) is a whole delightful meal: a Central Asian dish of fried rice studded with raisins and garbanzo beans, then topped with chunks of ultra tender, slow-cooked halal beef.

Locations change daily.

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