Your Seattle Restaurant Questions Answered: Comfort Food Edition

Where to find the area's best reubens, raclette and barbecue
| Updated: March 29, 2019

The weather may be turning warmer, but that doesn't mean Seattleites aren't still treating themselves to comfort foods. This week's edition of our Instagram Food Q&A with Chelsea Lin is full of hot spots for craveable quiche, barbecue and cheesy raclette. We also have recommendations for brunch, high tea and Mountlake Terrace dining. 

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Good places to eat with kids (that have a playroom)?
Most of the places that have playspaces are more café than actual restaurant (I’m thinking of Serendipity in Magnolia), but Ethan Stowell’s Frelard Pizza Company and Super Bueno both have nice contained play areas and good food (plus cocktails, which are essential). 

Spot for girlfriends’ dinner in Tacoma?
There’s a bar called Dirty Oscar’s Annex that is super casual but has pretty good food, so if you’re looking for low-key, I’d go there. There’s also Wooden City, which opened last year, that I’ve heard great things about—and the menu looks amazing, and perfect for sharing with some friends.

Where is the best place for brunch after a civil wedding?
I love this idea! Il Corvo is right down the street and is delightful, but is only open from 11 to 3 on weekdays, and closed on weekends. London Plane is about a 10-minute walk, but worth it I think: The food is excellent, the space is so light and romantic, and you can get cookies to take home with you.

Places to have high tea?
Coyle’s Bakeshop is doing high tea service on select Sundays, and it’s SO good, though make sure you make a reservation in advance. Peony in Bellevue also has a really interesting Chinese/British mashup for their tea service, which is Tuesday through Thursday afternoons.

Cheese fondue or any good Swiss food in Seattle?
This may not be what you’re looking for, but the goat cheese fondue at Palace Kitchen is phenomenal. I also encourage you to look for raclette, which I think is even better than fondue when it comes to melty cheese, and that you can find at Le Pichet, Café Presse or from a food truck called Fire and Scrape that shows up at farmers markets.

Best Reuben in Seattle?
Ooooh, I love a good Reuben. In my mind, there’s none better than Take 5 Market in Ballard, which I think has the perfect ratio of fillings and buttery griddled rye. But a friend of mine swears by the one at Columbia City Ale House, and I have to admit that it’s very, very good as well.

Where can I buy whole quiches from?
Hmm… Bakery Nouveau likely sells whole quiches, and I’m sure Coyle’s Bakeshop would sell you a whole one (theirs is excellent) if you placed an order in advance. I’m guessing most places won’t stock whole quiches to go, so definitely call and ask.

Is there a BBQ spot you really love (besides Jack's)? Attn: ribs!
I adore the ribs at Central Smoke, and you can eat it with fried rice, which is a perfect accompaniment. I also picked up ribs from Barbecue Smith in Maple Leaf the other day and they were really great—check them out, too.

I just moved to Mountlake Terrace—any good places to eat?
There’s a new place called Alibertos that just opened in Mountlake Terrace, and while I haven’t been, I’m very excited to check it out because they specialize in Southern California-style Mexican food like carne asada burritos. And historically, that California Mexican food hasn’t been easy to find here in Seattle. I’ve heard good reports!

Any idea where a smaller or less expensive place like Din Tai Fung exists in Seattle?
Dough Zone is delightful, and, I think, a bit less expensive than Din Tai Fung. They have a number of location now, both in Seattle and in the surrounding area. And they also just have some delicious dishes that Din Tai Fung doesn’t have, like what they call Q Bao, which are pan-fried juicy pork buns.

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