Igloo Debuts First Compostable Cooler

Our outdoors expert took one for a test drive
| Updated: June 21, 2019

When we head into the great outdoors, wouldn’t it be nice if we knew that the things we haul with us are Earth-friendly? It just got a little easier to check that box with an innovation from the folks at Igloo. The company that brought you the iconic swivel-topped cooler has just introduced the RECOOL, the first fully biodegradable single-use cooler. It’s made from molded cardboard pulp that is eco-friendly yet waterproof. That’s right - pick one of these up for your summer music festival or picnic, then toss it in the compost bin when you’re done.

The 16-quart cooler, which sells for $9.99, is large enough to fit food, drinks and ice for a day out for four people, and strong enough to hold up to 75 pounds. Another fun feature: The lid that has four built-in cup holders to hold your bevvies. The RECOOL also retains ice for up to 12 hours and can hold water without leaking for up to five days. We extended its useful life by draining it of water and drying it.  It’s also strong enough to hold up to 75 pounds. There’s really no reason to get one of those grocery store Styrofoam numbers that are banned in many municipalities (and for good reason).

A single-use cooler may sound wasteful--and we heartily endorse investing in a reusable cooler for most of your activities. But there are times when a single-use cooler makes sense, and we’re happy that there’s now an affordable and eco-friendly option.

Available at REI, 222 Yale Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109, 206.223.1944

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