Empty your Pockets for White Center Food Bank's Milk Money Drive

The White Center Food Bank provides 1,001,579 pounds of food for 66,682 people each year

As we approach the holiday season—when food is plentiful and the spirit of giving is encouraged—consider enriching a few lives by donating some pocket change to the White Center Food Bank for their first ever "Milk Money" drive. Launched on October 20th, this program will help the food bank purchase milk for over 20,000 local families in need. To play your part, pick up one, thirty or even three hundred “milk bank” containers at the food bank. Once the milk cartons are full, either return them to the food bank or schedule a pick-up. From family homes to classrooms, churches and community centers, anyone can play a part in this drive. So, empty your pockets, search the recesses of your couch cushions or consider picking up that random dime on the street to help nourish local folks in need.

Cartons can be delivered to White Center Food Bank at 10829 8th Ave. SW on weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm, or schedule a pick-up at 206.762.2848.