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Format: 2015-06-29
Format: 2015-06-29

Jun 9

  • June 9- July 3
    Times vary

    As part of its 25th anniversary season, Book-It adapts Kurt Vonnegut’s classic anti-war novel into a stage play.

Jun 25

  • 6/25-6/29
    Times Vary

    Seattle solo performer Mik Kuhlman tells the true story of losing her house to a fire, which turns out to be a much wider...

Ongoing Events

[ Arts and Performance ]

July 7-August 29
Times Vary

Acclaimed self-taught artist Gregory Blackstock presents a new collection of work, showcasing his marvelous eye for detail and...

[ Fashion and Shopping ]

July 1-31

Kent Downtown Partnership celebrates Independent Retailer Month by hosting a month-long spending competition. Entry forms...

[ Theater ]

June 10-29
7:30 p.m.

An investment banker struggling with the ethics of his job turns to—porn? Indeed, in Dirty, written by Chicago-based Andrew...

[ Film ]


You can’t get much more awkward than the transition from elementary school to middle school—an age when hairs seem to sprout...