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E.g., 2017-06-24

Through September 30, times vary

This retrospective, phase 3 of a multiyear exhibition, explores how Bruce Lee’s methodical approach to his everyday life turned him into a cultural icon. Lee was a meticulous note taker, filling notebooks with thoughts about his diet, workouts, goals, affirmations, graphic designs and poetry. 

January 21 - October 1, times vary

A wearable-art advocate from the Rhode Island School of Design and Pilchuck, MacNeil finds her way to each piece she creates through a series of drawings, models and templates, cutting and forming parts.

Through September 10, times vary

How Seattle became one of America’s best places to eat is explored in this exhibit curated by double James Beard Award–winning writer Rebekah Denn. 

April 20 - June 25, times vary

Nordo transforms its Culinarium into the scene of a crime, where two chefs are murdered and everyone is a suspect.


Through October 22, times vary

As Edo (Tokyo) became a boomtown with a million citizens between 1603 and 1868, people partied with courtesans, picnicked under cherry trees and lived for the moment. Relive it through these pictures. 

May 20 - September 3, times vary

Pushing the boundaries between spectator and artist, Siegel uses photography, performance, film and installation. 

May 20 - Nov 11, times vary

Barbados-born University of Washington art prof Hurley’s recent work hovers between painting and sculpture: monochrome black canvases modified with broomsticks, poles and other found objects, some of them reminiscent of protest signs.

May 20 - January 1, 2018, times vary

Do you know the Muppet man? Not until you’ve seen Jim Henson’s Muppet puppets alongside his non-Kermit-related work: Fraggle Rock, The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, seen in sketches, storyboards, photos, video clips and more than 20 puppets. 

6/1–6/25, Times Vary

What’s worse: addiction or family? Robert O’Hara’s play poses that question as the siblings of Barbara, the play’s protagonist, stage an intervention in the middle of a local park over barbecue and family tension. See the play that Variety says “turns the formula for the American domestic comedy on its head.”



6/8-7/4, Times vary

The 30 or so pieces in this exhibit showcase artists who explore relationships in space, geometry and buildings. Among the artists are Daphne Minkoff, who alters photos of buildings she’s taken to make them her own; and architect Jo Moniz, who, in creating her encaustic paintings, builds and etches images on the surface of her panels with pigmented wax and damar resin.