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October 26 – November 6, times vary

Choreographer Rachael Lincoln’s new work An Attic an Exit, performed by Lincoln and collaborator Leslie Seiters, is a very physical performance that depicts two characters moving through five scenes within one room. Clues are offered to the audience, such as hanging suit coats, a trail of flour, and the manipulation of salt, saucers and silverware.

October 29, 8 p.m.

Saxophonist Maceo Parker is a master of soul and funk sound. His current tour showcases repertoire spanning his long career. On stage with Parker will be the Jones Family Singers—five sisters, two brothers and their father—who have been tearing up churches and festivals alike for more than two decades. 


Through December 16, times vary

For its last exhibition after 16 years, Suyama Space is featuring “Generativity,” a new media installation by Portland artist Fernanda D’Agostino. The work investigates the underlying and often invisible structures through which the natural world sculpts and regenerates itself, drawing upon both natural systems and the architecture of the marvelous, soon-to-close space for inspiration.

Through December 3, times vary

One of Seattle’s most original and distinctive painters, Dykeman juxtaposes his schematic cowboys and working men with abstract forms, bold blocks of color and cryptic text to create a vibrant visual language that suggests faded road signs, ancient European cave paintings and even Northwest native art.

Through 11/12, times vary

The musical drama Hotel Nordo takes place in a lobby where the living and the dead cross paths and divisions between past, present and future are blurred, crossed and broken. Directed by Erin Brindley, written by Terry Podgorski and with original music composed by Annastasia Workman, Hotel Nordo explores the hold the dead have upon the living in the form of memories, regret and loss. Expect this journey to the underworld to thrill and delight, with four courses of imaginatively paired dishes to remind us that we are very much among the living. 

11/1, 8 p.m.

Portuguese singer Mariza, the world’s foremost interpreter of her native country’s mournful, traditional vocal music, arrives in Seattle at the peak of autumn. 

11/3–11/6, times vary

Seattle choreographer, dancer, performance and visual artist Ezra Dickinson’s recent solo work has focused on the role his paranoid schizophrenic yet devoted mother has played on the development of his imaginative, creative self. Here, Dickinson performs his new work Psychic Radio Star, a dance and large-scale installation that incorporates painting, animation, sculpture, and spatial design to continue his ongoing exploration of this subject. The show is based upon his memories of his mother’s evocative language and its capacity to both distort and heighten our sense of reality.

11/3–11/6, times vary

Commissioned, presented and produced through Velocity’s Made in Seattle program, The SOLO(s) Project is a multimedia research concept by choreographer/visual artist Mary Sheldon Scott with composer Jarrad Powell. Scott examines the nature of the solo and how to tell a compelling story about a single person. As Scott puts it, “It’s like a book of short stories for seven extraordinary performers.” Soloists featured are dancers Corrie Befort, Jade Solomon Curtis, Alice Gosti, Mark Haim, Jim Kent and Linsyanne Owen.  

November 3 to December 1, times vary

Lawrence has long been a feminist beacon in Seattle’s art world, keeping the flame burning throughout eras of both progress and backlash. Constructing intricate works from found text and images, she satirizes the existing power structure and attempts to free us from its grip on our consciousness. On the occasion of our 58th quadrennial U.S. presidential election, she exhibits collages rendered on canvas, paper, board and recycled metal serving trays that reflect her decades-long interest in social justice.

11/4–11/13, times vary

 Pacific Northwest Ballet presents an evening of mixed repertoire that includes Twyla Tharp’s Scottish-flavored Brief Fling, Jiří Kylián’s Edvard Munch–inspired Forgotten Land and Balanchine’s Stravinsky Violin Concerto.