NW Home & AIA Seattle's 50th Open House of the Month Tour

Since 2005, NW Home has teamed with the American Institute of Architects Seattle Chapter (AIA Seattle) to bring our readers the very best, and latest, of our area's residential design via our Sunday Open House Tours. We hope that you join us to celebrate our 50th Open House with this modern masterwork in Madison Park. This will also be the final Open House Tour NW Home will be hosting with AIA Seattle.

Architect Eric Cobb's design for this new Madison Park dwelling plays off the layered look of its corner neighbor—a midcentury modern house designed by famed Seattle architect Roland Terry— while making its own distinctly this-century modern statement. As well as benefitting from an interesting existing architectural presence, Cobb's corner site enjoys two quiet dead-end streets, lots of southern light and an existing, privacy-enhancing cypress hedge.

July 21, 12p.m.-3p.m.

4100 E Highland Drive
Free Admission
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