Snout-to-Tail Farm Dinner

We’ll understand if you can’t help pigging out at this feast from Dog Mountain Farm: Owners David and Cindy Krepky join Il Corvo Pasta’s Michael Easton and Elsom Cellars for a menu starring farm-raised heritage pig. True to the event’s title (and to his reputation for wildly creative flavors), Easton plans to use the entire swine; imagine a crispy pig-ear salad with sweet and bitter flavors from the week’s harvest, or a chilled terrine of snout and trotters. The dinner is one of a series hosted at Dog Mountain between June and September that feature food sourced almost exclusively from the farm. Besides the creative courses and wonderful wines, guests can expect a tour that includes horses, geese and several capering kids (of the goat variety). Dinner will be served in an orchard decked out in fruit and offering a view of the Eastern Cascade foothills. And before you start to worry, Easton assures there will be pasta, too. Begins at 3 p.m. —TANEEKA HANSEN

August 11 - 3:00 p.m.

Dog Mountain Farm
7026 Tolt Highlands Road NE
Carnation, WA
$100 per person.

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