The Eye(lashes) Have it

Natalie Russo Eyelash Jewelry
Nail art is so 2012. Eyelash adornment is so now.

Seattleite Natalie Russo is taking eyelashes to new heights (one could argue, never before seen heights) with sets of incredibly zany handmade false ones.

The sky is the limit with Russo's Eyelash Jewelry collection: grapefruits, bubble bath accoutrements, unicorns, glow in the dark googly eyes—her designs are a perfect nod to Seattle’s rave and festival culture.

She fabricates each pair with beads, clay charms, wire and feathers and sells them from $7 to $60 a pop. Thanks to a nod from Britain's Daily Mail, who dubbed Russo's work “the craziest false lashes EVER,” her Etsy page went viral, which, the Daily Beast reports, made it necessary for Russo take a few days off from her full time deli job in order to fill some $400 in orders.

The fabulous absurdity her designs has us itching to for a pair…even if we don’t have an occasion to wear them to just yet (can Halloween come any faster??).