Fall Makeup Tips from Suresh, Local Boy Gone Bigtime

Find your fall hue with Suresh Beauty's LipLUXE lipsticks

We're huge fans of makeup artist Suresh's style: sleek, soft and modern. His GlossLUXE lipglosses are a mainstay in our makeup bag, and his newish line of lipsticks, flecked with crushed diamonds, rubies, amethysts and yellow garnets, are our newest obsession. We're partial to the dazzling red Michael shade, sheer enough for everyday, but special enough for fancy occasions. Now that the weather is (finally) changing to fall, we asked the busy makeup artist for some of the looks he worked on at the fall runway shows for New York Fashion Week.

Ultra-full eyebrows: The runways were crammed with this trend and it has shown up in all fashion magazines. Brows that are thick, full, unkempt but still sexy. The best way to translate this trend for the everyday woman is to go a bit heavier on their brow color and leave the eyes naked, except for a bit of mascara. It's a fun way to change the shape of your face & play with your look.

Plum lips: Plum and wine shades will be major. In matte, semi-matte and glossy textures. For the everyday woman, I would translate this trend by using a sheer plum gloss or lipstick. A fun way to play with this trend without going all the way.

Heavily contoured eyes: Structured eyes will be a cool focus this fall. I love this trend because I'm so tired of boring eye makeup. Sharp lines going through the crease, strong eyeliner along top & bottom lash lines, and abrupt ends to smokey eyes. In black, plum, charcoal & metallic shades of blue and green.

What are your fav fall makeup looks this season?