Fashion + Style Friday: Can’t-miss Jewelry Sale and Local Fashion News

Get thee to the Kimberly Baker sale, a new clothing line for the (not big) and tall, and a Ballard-b
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As we eagerly await the weekend, here are a few juicy tidbits to get you through the Friday afternoon doldrums:

 Local jeweler Kimberly Baker has quite the fan base—count us among the clamoring throng drooling over her sterling silver chunky cocktail rings and statement serpentine necklaces. Join the fan club this weekend at her annual sale, which starts tomorrow both online and at her Fremont boutique. Her gorgeous hand-crafted pieces are marked up to 50% off. Snap up your favorite pieces quickly—there’ll be a line I’m sure given that heather earrings below are going for just $82.

Kim Baker Heather earrings


Great news for lofty gents who drown in traditional “big n’ tall” apparel: Queen Anne resident tall guy Mark Tindall and team launched Longshot Apparel this month, featuring slim-fit, long shirts. Their first classic, cotton button-down style (more to come) comes in 8 different sizes according torso length, with a tailored lean cut developed for heights between 6’2’ to 6’ 8”. Order online here.

Not only is R&L Goods’ new wrap-around scarf simply chic and cute, the back story is meet-cute as well: In 2008, friends Jean Lee and Chika Eustace (formerly co-owners of Chikabird design biz) pooled their resources to buy a Ballard duplex and along with their husbands created a design studio in their shared basement. Click here to read about their backyard garden, and darling little haven. Now the fearsome foursome works together to create fabric-covered notebooks, cozy sweaters with hand-stitched designs, as well as the darling linen scarf above. Created with NYC-based Piano Nobile’s printed textiles, this just screams, “Spring! It’s coming!”. Get it here and get out and enjoy the weekend!

New Skincare Company, 3B, Delivers Beauty by the Boxful

New Skincare Company, 3B, Delivers Beauty by the Boxful

A Seattle-based skin care company brings beauty breakthroughs to your door
Goodies from a 3B beauty box

Ke Chen, cofounder of 3B (Beauty Beyond Borders), says skin care in Asia is approached the same way the French think about food. “It’s an art form,” she says. Chen, whose Seattle-based subscription beauty box company launched last year, says this “art form” can include a 10-step cleansing ritual and feature innovative, exotic ingredients like bee venom and snail mucus to soothe and repair skin.


Chen has found that obtaining these elite Asian skin care products stateside takes time and research, which is why she’s offering them via a home subscription service ($15/month), which delivers a collection of Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese skin care samples, such as the Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Lotion from Taiwan and Leaders’ 7 Wonders Amazonian Acai Anti-Pollution Mask from South Korea. When subscribers find a product they can’t live without, they can shop for the full-size product on 3B’s website (

Local and national focus groups of bloggers, YouTubers and beauty influencers help Chen keep up on Asian skin care trends and determine what ends up in the boxes. You could say that 3B has skin in this game.