Father’s Day Gift Round Up

Kanso apron
A smartly constructed apron with nary a tie in sight

Dad’s come in all shapes, sizes and guises, but almost none of them want a tie, unless it’s a really cool bowtie from here, here or here. Here’s a list of some of our favorite things we’ve seen about town for your dad, whatever he’s into.

For the grill master:

Kanso Japanese aprons ($69.99), handmade in Seattle by Kenji Yoshinari are simply, and brilliantly constructed—without a tie in sight. Available at Momo and the apron of choice for the rock star chefs at Fremont’s Vif.

For the outdoorsman:


A classic Stanley thermos ($45) is perfect for hot coffee on a cold PNW morning. The fact that the company who makes this iconic piece of Americana is headquartered in Seattle is a nice bonus. Available at Glasswing.

For the dog lover:


Filson, another classic Northwest company, has many things suitable for old pops, but their new nylon dog leash ($65) is a nice gift and an easy-on-the-wallet entry point for the man who appreciates high-quality, well-constructed and often made in Seattle luggage and outerwear.

For the dapper dad:


In addition to the bowtie resources above, the stylish man always needs a cool pair of socks. Head to the Jonathan Adler shop at U Village for a selection of sophisticated, yet cheeky, sock options ($14).

For the chef:


If dad does the cooking, make sure he has the best tools for the job. Forged in Ballard and super-cool looking, a blue steel pan from Blu Skillet Ironworks (from $75) is perhaps the only pan he’ll ever need again.