First Top Chef, Now Chopped?

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Seattle is on fire right now!

Not only is Top Chef filming in and around the city these days -- you saw definitive proof right here eariler this week -- and, yes, it looks as if Tony Bourdain is bringing his new Layover show to SEA soon.

Now, I just heard from a "you didn't hear it from me" source that a producer for the Food Network hit Chopped has been in town, scouting chefs for shows that will shoot in New York next year.

Again, it's pretty near impossible to get confirmation because all parties who agree to go on the small screen usually sign confidentiality agreements that have warnings like: "If you talk, we will hunt you down and sue your sorry bank account for $1 million."

Hey, in the interest in getting a yay or neigh on a Seattle-centric Chopped, I even sent a text to the show's host, Ted Allen. Got nothing back.

Still digging, and will pass along any dish as soon as possible.