Five Things You Need to Know About Seattle Magazine's New Food Editor

Lauren Mang

Julien Perry, former editor of Eater and contributor to Seattle Weekly's Voracious blog and KOMO Newsradio, starts today as Seattle magazine’s new dining editor. Before she hits the ground running with daily Restaurant Insider blog updates here at—look for her insightful reviews and food coverage for the print edition starting in our May issue—we wanted to introduce her to our readers. Perry, who attended the Seattle Art Institute's baking and pastry program, eats out nearly every night of the week and is excited to reveal our city’s lesser-known food secrets (though you might be surprised by what you’ll find in her refrigerator).

Perry joins Seattle magazine’s expert team of food, wine and spirit writers, which includes A.J. Rathbun, who covers spirits and cocktails; Langdon Cook, whose “Cook’s Adventures” column recounts his local foraging trips; Amy Pennington, who will author the “Key Ingredients” column detailing a chef’s obsession with an exotic ingredient; Shannon Borg and Paul Zitarelli who cover Washington wine; beer expert Kendall Jones and more from former food editors Allison Austin Scheff and Sara Dickerman. 

Look for Perry’s posts starting Monday February 3 at

Lauren Mang: What's your favorite old standby restaurant?
Julien Perry:
How to Cook a Wolf

LM: What is your guilty pleasure entree?
I have a hard time not ordering the fried rabbit saddle with potato salad at Roux. I also crave the "Kari Out" calamari from RockCreek that comes in a take-out container and chopsticks. It's an entree if you eat the whole thing by yourself. Trust.

LM: What is your go-to coffee shop?
Lighthouse and the Vivace sidewalk bar dole out my favorite drinks, but when it comes to a place I want to hangout or work, I will either go to the Caffe Fiore in Ballard or Stumptown on 12th Avenue. 

LM: What's your drink after a long day?
Copious amounts of red wine. Nothing full-bodied. I like the lighter stuff. 

LM: We hear you’re not a huge cook, so we want to know: What do you have in your refrigerator?
JP: Three bottles of champagne, a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc, five bags of Lagana pasta that I had every intention of cooking over the holidays (along with some probably expired pesto and shaved Parm), almond milk, raw almond butter and a bottle of MAC liquid foundation.