Food News: Neil Robertson is Leaving Mistral Kitchen Tomorrow!

With stints at Canlis, Restaurant Guy Savoy and Joel Robuchon at the MGM (both in Las Vegas) on his resume, pastry chef Neil Robertson is arguably Seattle's brightest pastry star. He's spent the last two years at Mistral Kitchen, dazzling diners with understated, thoughtful desserts and unusual, intriguing flavor pairings.

But now he's moving on. Thursday's service (yes, that'd be tomorrow) will be his last at Mistral.

Robertson isn't ready to tell us in detail what's next for him, but he promises he's staying in Seattle. He told me he's moving on "to do my own thing. It will involve pastry and be very small and very personal." Hearing this, my mind raced, remembering intimate restaurants I'd visited in New York, where dinner was dessert, where tasting menus of sweet and savory pastries and confections were created in pocket-sized eateries in off-the-beaten path locales. But that's me fantasizing; if that's what Robertson has planned, he isn't telling just yet.

In any event, I'll be following up with Robertson as his project comes nearer fruition. For now, if you're one of Robertson's many fans, head down to Mistral tonight or tomorrow to say goodbye and wish him well.